Variety of        



Materials Stainless steel, plastic, aluminium
Size of panel min. 10 x 10 mm, max. 3000 x 1500 mm
Shape Everything possible
Cable size max. 50 mm, min. 1 mm
Method of assembly Screwed
Tightness Depending on application up to IP69K
System Wth high strain relief, low strain relif, cable insertable from both sides

Innovative manufacturing with highly flexible manufacturing processes

"KDP On Demand" is constructed in a sandwich process from stainless steel, plastic or aluminium. This highly flexible manufacturing process has the advantage that all size and shape variants can be freely designed, with a virtually burr-free vertical cut in all cases, even with complex shapes, filigree structures and thin bridges. And another important thing: there is virtually no material distortion with this process. In addition to fastening with screws, threaded pins can also be welded on and the plate can be individually labelled.

Your benefits

  • Manufactured individually
  • Series-production quality
  • Up to IP 69 K
  • Production from 5 units
  • All shapes are possible
  • Prices comparable to high-volume production prices